Origins Infocus

OriginsInfocus Summer 2015-2016

This issue features informative and thought provoking blogs on Where Marketing is Heading in 2016, Woolworths' Racial Profiling, What's in a Name - Sikh Names and Where to Find Them, Resum├ęs, Recruitment and Racism and Honda's Marketing Blooper, as well as news and events.

OriginsInfocus September 2015

You've heard of IQ and EQ, but did you know there is a new measurement, CQ? We discuss cultural intelligence, or CQ. Find out about the latest news and events. Read about Pepsi's costly marketing blunders, and how name trends have changed over time for AFL players.

OriginsInfocus June 2015

In this issue we discuss the government's decision to commmit to funding the Census 2016, how OriginsInfo data continues to be privacy compliant, further research into Capitalising on Culture and blogs about the Nissan communication breakdown and Somalian naming traditions.

OriginsInfocus March 2015

This issue features research on our elite cricketers to reveal how well they reflect the cultural composition of the broader Australian population. We examine the names of students on the NSW HSC Honour Roll and reveal that students with Chinese-Mandarin names are outperforming their peers. The issue also includes the latest news and events, and blogs on cross-cultural marketing failures, Easter the Orthodox way and Irish naming traditions.

OriginsInfocus December 2014

*A ground-breaking study on the cultural diversity of elite participants in selected Australian sports; *collecting data on cultural background; *a case study in identifying cultural background for better targeted communications; *some interesting blogs - it's all in this issue

OriginsInfocus September 2014

OriginsInsight - What is Culture?
Case in Point: The Melbourne Symphony Orchestra (MSO)
The Business Case for Employee Diversity
New Zealand Goes to the Polls
How Scottish are the Scottish?
Language: Keeping Culture Alive

In this issue we provide a working definition of culture, a term that is not easily defined. We analyse the patronage and musicians of the Melbourne Symphony Orchestra to determine its cultural diversity and we give a business case for employee diversity. We analyse the cultural make-up of NZ electoral candidates as they go to the polls, and the Scottish nation as they go to referendum to leave the UK. We discuss how language keeps culture alive, and provide some interesting reading in our blogs.

OriginsInfocus June 2014

In this newsletter we discuss the great contribution migrants have made to cuisine in urban areas throughout history, we highlight upcoming news and events and we blog about food and migration, and Greek naming traditions.

OriginsInfocus April 2014

We give an overview of the new Privacy guiidelines and how it impacts on using names to analyse cultural composition. Part 1 in a two part series on food and migration, we analyse the cultural backgrounds of regional food producing populations and question the impact on migrants of changes in the industry. We blog about how easter is celebrated around the world, whether cricket in Australia is indeed stale, pale and male, and naming traditions in Turkey.

OriginsInfocus December 2013

In this newsletter we reveal groundbreaking research undertaken in partnership with DCA (Diversity Council Australia) to analyse the cultural composition of Australia's business leaders. We provide an interesting blog on how Christmas is celebrated around the world, as well as news and events and hints on using Origins.

OriginsInfocus September 2013

In this issue we reveal the cultural composition of our politicians and how well they reflect the broader multicultural Australian society. We blog about marketing lessons learnt from Oprah, the importance of religion in many cultural communities, and the decline of some surnames such as Cock. We provide news and events information, product updates and hints and tips for using Origins.

OriginsInfocus May 2013

With a worldwide combined spending power estimated at US$2.1 trillion, the Muslim community is large and growing. We provide insight into how companies can better tap into this loyal, young and savvy community. We provide product updates and discuss how we are developing propensity score cards, as well as news and events and hints and tips for using the product.

OriginsInfocus October 2011

Our inaugural e-publication discusses how Origins enables organisations to measure cultural involvement with its brand, how first and family names can be weighted for optimal coding, upcoming events, and how organisations can better connect with the small but not insignificant Afghani-born Australian population.

OriginsInfocus January 2012

With the approach of the Chinese New Year, we profile the Chinese community in Australia and provide hints and tips for engaging with this large and important demographic. We discuss how we can undertake an "Origins Cultural Audit" to determine how well an organisation is engaging with particultur cultural segments, and we provide product updates, hints and tips for using the product, accuracy and strength of the Origins data, and news and events information.

OriginsInfocus May 2012

This issue profiles the vibrant Vietnamese community in Australia. We discuss the Origins Confidence Score and Confidence Category, and discuss the accuracy and reliability of Origins data. We provide hints and tips, news and events, and products updates.

OriginsInfocus August 2012

In this issue we provide an overview of the recently released 2011 Census data. We discuss how Origins can be used to measure campaign response, and provide hints and tips for using Origins, product updates and news and events information.

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