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OriginsInsight Summer 2015-2016

With the Australian Open just around the corner, we examine the names of Australia's elite tennis players to determine whether tennis is attracting people of all cultural backgrounds. Australia’s current top tennis players – Tomic, Kyrgios, Kokkinakis, Groth, Guccione, Stosur, Dellacqua, Gavrilova and Rodionova – all have culturally diverse names. Is this coincidence or reflective of a growing diversity?

OriginsInsight September 2015

Is football (soccer) the all-inclusive game it claims to be? Is it representative of the multicultural fabric of Australian society? We reveal the answers in this issue.

OriginsInsight June 2015

The AFL has long been committed to increasing diverse participation in the game, and has established a range of programs and initiatives to increase its appeal to all Australians. Has multicultural participation increased or is it just aspirational rhetoric?

OriginsInsight March 2015 (1)

The results are clear. NSW Higher School Certificate (HSC) students bearing an Anglo-Saxon name are falling well behind their peers, particularly those with Chinese Mandarin names, in Honour Roll representation.

OriginsInsight March 2015 (2)

As we cheer on our Australian cricket team in the final stages of the World cup, we examine how well our elite cricketers reflect the cultural composition of the Australian population.

OriginsInsight December 2014

Despite the obvious benefits of cultural segmentation in targeted marketing and communications, many organisations experience difficulty collecting cultural background information. In this issue we show you how.

OriginsInsight September 2014

In this issue we provide a working definition of culture, a singular definition of which is often elusive. We provide guidance on how to group consumers by culture to target communications and maximise marketing effectiveness.

OriginsInsight June 2014

Part 2 of our food and migration series, we discuss how migrant communities have shaped our food preferences and exeriences in urban areas.

OriginsInsight April 2014

Part 1 of our Food and Migration series, we highlight the contribution of migrants to Australia's rural economy. We look at recent government decisions such as the refusal of the federal government to subsidise SPC Ardmona and how that impacts Australia's immigrant population.

OriginsInsight December 2013

This issues reveals ground-breaking research undertaken by Diversity Council Australia (DCA) in conjunction with OriginsInfo on the cultural composition of ASX 200 business leaders. The research shows that Australia still has some way to go before being representative of the cultural composition of the broader Australian population - with only one in five leaders having culturally diverse (non-Anglo-Celtic) backgrounds, compared with almost a third of the wider Australian population.

OriginsInsight September 2013

As the federal election approaches we analyse the cultural composition of the electoral candidates to determine how well they represent the cultural diversity of the Australian population. You may be surprised by which party has the broadest cultural mix!

OriginsInsight May 2013

With a combined worldwide spend estimated at US$2.1 trillion, and 60% of the Muslim population residing in the Asia Pacific region, this community is well worth tapping into. We analyse this loyal, young, savvy population and provide hints and tips for organisations to understand muslim culture and engage with this significant market.

OriginsInsight May 2012

This issue profiles the Vietnamese community in Australia, a relatively new and growing population. This vibrant and homogenous community largely resides in particular pockets of major cities, and with a combined earning power of $3bn per year in Australia it is a market worth understanding.

OriginsInsight January 2012

Wtih the approach of the Chinese New Year we profile the Chinese community in Australia. As trade relations between Australia and China continue to grow, it is anticipated this already large community will continue to increase.

OriginsInsight October 2011

Our inaugural e-publication profiles the small but not insignificant Afghani community in Australia. The total annual income of the group exceeds $640m and as an emerging community with specific needs for products and services it offers an opportunity for marketers with carefully targeted and communicated offers.

OriginsInsight August 2012

As expected, the recently released 2011 Census data confirms that Australia is the world's most culturally diverse population. We highlight national trends emerging, evidenced by comparing the 2011 data with data from the Census of 2001 and 2006.

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