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Solving Real Business Problems

Both public and private organisations greatly benefit from understanding the cultural dimensions of their customers. Read about how organisations have used Origins for successful business outcomes.

Public Organisations

Public organisations need to demonstrate that the services they offer remain relevant to the changing diversity of Australian society and that they are meeting their targets on delivering access and equity. Understanding the cultural groups using services or programs and identifying under-represented groups facilitates effective planning and service delivery to meet community needs today and into the future.

Origins data is used to provide a benchmark of current performance and identify options for action, for example through a targeted communication campaign. Origins is designed to support analysis, action and subsequent reporting by agencies to meet accountability standards and to demonstrate delivery of improved access and equity.

Private Organisations

Private organisations recognise the value in tailoring their product to meet the needs of market segments differentiated by cultural origin.

Successful marketers in both sectors position themselves as long-term partners interested in understanding and meeting diverse needs of ethnic groups. Advertising messages and images, product features and packaging, and the customer interface all combine to create a meaningful connection with culturally defined market segments. This integrated marketing approach often incorporates channel options that reflect culturally-defined preferences.  Research, such as that conducted by SBS, reveals that young Australians of culturally diverse backgrounds will respond with a strong sense of loyalty to brands that connect with their cultural context.  Read more about marketing to cultural segments.

Marketing Application

Multicultural marketing research reveals that 70 percent of financial services growth in the US between 2003 and 2008 came from the Hispanic market.  Similar opportunities exist in Australia, where some financial service providers are aware of specific product needs of members of the Islamic community.  But few have met the challenge of knowing how to develop fully this potentially valuable segment.

As well as clear applications in financial services and telecommunications, there are significant, culturally-defined niche markets related to insurance, utilities, motor vehicles, property, media, technology, food, music, clothes (ethnicity is often a factor in shoe size!), cosmetics, pharmaceutical products, travel, cultural heritage products, and product preparation requirements, such as halal.

Cultural sensitivity and relevance in customer communications and product packaging are critical for society-wide brand acceptance. 

Origins for Improved Business Efficiencies

Origins assists organisations to make informed, insightful decisions in three core business areas;

1. Marketing
2. Operations
3. Human Resources


  • Public organisations need to demonstrate that their services and programs remain relevant to all

  • Culturally tailored marketing ensures maximum marketing impact

  • Cultural markets present potential for growth and product / service development

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