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Human Resources

Many organisations in today’s commercial and public sectors are committed to principles of equal opportunity and corporate social responsibility. Leaders are responsible and accountable for ensuring objectives of employee representation by gender, disability and CALD backgrounds are met. There is a community expectation that organisations demonstrate diverse employee representation and ensure a ‘fair go’ for all.

Origins is an ideal tool to create meaningful data that measures cultural and ethnic diversity across the whole organisation, within operational units, and at different levels of management within a company. Evidence from an analysis of employee profiles will ensure that employers can withstand scrutiny of their human resource management practices, and demonstrate progress towards fairer outcomes. Read about how an organisation used Origins to measure its human resource diversity.

Profiling employees offers many benefits. The principal benefit is to identify whether there is bias in the recruitment and retention of staff, whether people from particular cultural backgrounds are disproportionately represented in particular job functions, and whether the profile of employees aligns with the profile of service users.

Some organisations undertake analysis of this sort using information volunteered by employees when they join.  This is useful but there are additional benefits to be gained from the use of Origins.

The first of these is that the categories recorded in the Origins classification are very much more detailed than the categories typically used on staff application forms.  These finer sub-divisions often reveal important differences.

The second advantage of Origins over staff surveys is that the coverage of Origins is typically in the region of 99.5%.  By contrast, response to an ethnicity question on a survey rarely exceeds 30%.

A third advantage of Origins as a classification is that information derived from name analysis is not considered to be confidential and subject to privacy legislation.

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