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Fundraising & Politics

Case Study: Fundraising

Using Origins to evaluate recruitment effectiveness

An international fundraiser was interested in researching the diversity of its supporter base to see how effective its recruitment methods had been, and to assess how representative its supporters were of the community at large. Origins facilitated this research. It also had the aim of creating a supporter base that reflected the diversity of the organisation’s client (beneficiary) population. In addition, the fundraiser aims to achieve greater involvement of its supporters who originate from specific countries that are the subject of its relief work.

Case Study: Politics and Voter Behaviour

Facilitating targeted communications to secure cultural group support

An Australian political party used Origins to understand in a recent State election if certain cultural groups were more likely to vote by post, to vote away from their home area, or to not vote at all. The research identified clear cultural dimensions to voter behaviour reflecting religion and differential engagement in the Australian democratic process. Insight gained will assist in managing communications with cultural groups to secure their participations and support in future elections.

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