Lost in Translation

Lost in Translation / Dec 17, 2015
Lost in Translation: Honda Jazz not Fitta for Scandinavia

The business case for undertaking thorough cultural analysis when marketing to particular cultural segments cannot be overstated. While this blog series of ‘Lost in Translation’ bloopers may bring a smile to your face, I’m sure it is not the case for the Marketing Executives and General Managers caught up in these damaging and costly blunders […]

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Lost in Translation / Mar 18, 2015
Lost in Translation – Gerber Happy Baby
Most marketers and business managers agree – segmenting by culture...
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Cultural Diversity / Jun 24, 2015
Lost in Translation – the Nissan Breakdown
In an attempt to increase penetration rates amongst persons of...
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Cultural Diversity / Sep 21, 2015
Lost in Translation: Soft Drinks, Hard Lessons
The 70s saw fierce competition for market share by the...
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