Cultural Diversity / Sep 23, 2015
What’s in a Name? Like Bob and Dylan, Times They are a-Changin’

The looming AFL Grand Final prompted us to investigate naming trends of players over the past century. Many AFL surnames feature consistently throughout the history of the game, often reflecting members of the same extended family.  The name Merrett is one example, spanning the AFL landscape over five decades.  Essendon Football Club players Jackson and […]

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Trends / Sep 4, 2015
Naming and Shaming
Some of the UK’s most embarrassing surnames are falling by...
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Cultural Diversity / Sep 25, 2015
First There was IQ, Then EQ. Now we Have CQ
It is no longer sufficient for us to be merely...
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Cultural Diversity / Jan 16, 2016
Racial Profiling at Woolworths?
The term ‘Racial Profiling’ has negative connotations because of its...
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Cultural Diversity / Dec 23, 2018
Resumes, Recruitment and Racism
It is often said that first impressions count.  When we...
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Multicultural Marketing / Jan 19, 2019
Where is Multicultural Marketing Heading in 2019?
First some facts: Australian census data indicates that less than...
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Multicultural Marketing / Sep 1, 2013
Oprah’s Lesson on Segmentation
Last week Oprah Winfrey was in a handbag shop.  She...
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