Whether in campaigns, real-time call centre or web-based customer management, evidence gained through profiling and modelling provides the basis for putting Origins into action – so you can begin to reap the rewards of cultural-based engagement.

Actioning Origins

Customer Communications and Campaigns

Origins is used as a component of customer management to grow profitability and strengthen relationships through better targeting and nuanced communications.  Whether as a simple data selection, or as one of several components of a predictive model, Origins will quickly establish itself as a key resource supporting multi-channel dialogue and customer-centric business decisions.

Real-time Decisioning

Origins is deliverable as a real-time coding option, facilitating management of customers or prospects at touchpoint, whether in the call centre, website or point-of-sale.

Call Centres use Origins information in real-time to route calls from customers of chosen cultural background to appropriate customer service staff.   Even when the conversation is in English, accent, tonal quality, timbre and a range of other cultural affinities will help create an enhanced customer experience.

Propensity models that score customers and prospects often incorporate cultural background as a variable that determines a script, and a customer experience that reflects business objectives.  Found out more on our Software and Data Licensing page.

A Cautionary Note

Marketing strategies targeting specific ethnic consumer groups can make the mistake of treating a cultural segment in a uniform way without making allowances for intra-group or inter-generational differences.

Nuance in multicultural marketing is critical for within-group variation so variations in acculturation to be accommodated.  Specialist communication agencies in Australia are increasingly aware of the themes that are common to people from particular backgrounds, and the required variation within the group.  For deployment, we recommend you contact multicultural agencies that specialise in this space.

This does not fundamentally change the evidence-base created by Origins analysis suggesting variable opportunity by cultural group – just that operational deployment needs to allow for intra-group variation.