Why should I measure cultural diversity?

A substantial body of research has established that cultural background is a key driver of consumer behaviour – whether for commercial organisations or government services.

Given Australia’s well-documented and dynamic multicultural demography, businesses can no longer afford to ignore how they interact with the 49% of Australians whose heritage lies beyond these shores.

If you can’t measure, you won’t have the evidence to understand, manage or monitor.

For Commercial Organisations and Not-for-profits

Insight into cultural diversity assists businesses to:

  • Understand how customers and prospects reflect the market
  • Assess market penetration by cultural segment
  • Detail which groups are profitable, and which present opportunity or risk
  • Dissect engagement through product use, churn, channel preference
  • Support a business case for action and deployment

All of which leads to a competitive edge in achieving better service delivery, higher sales and increased profitability.

For Government and Public Sector

Insight into cultural diversity assists agencies to:

  • Understand the cultural diversity of clients
  • Report on participation in and satisfaction with essential services
  • Have an evidence-base to support resource allocation
  • Ensure staff reflect the client base (workplace mutuality – see this short HealthWest video

These contribute to the achievement of organisational goals and a clear indication of delivery on the principles of access and equity in service delivery.

For further information, please see Why Use Origins and Business Benefits.

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