If GIS and area analysis are part of your core business, you will want to know the location and distribution of key Origins segments.

Enhance your GIS with Granular Origins Data

What is it?

A data file for use in GIS, mapping systems or spatial analytics.

Origins Geographical Data is a data file built from OriginsInfo’s base file, representing more than 18 million Australian adults.  The base file has been coded with Origins CEL codes, de-personalised, and aggregated to the ABS Mesh Block census unit and above – including SA1, suburb, postcode and electoral area.

Because it is created using the same Origins methodology that is used to code your customers or employees, you can be sure you are mapping like-for-like data.

Who is it for?

Organisations who see geography as an important part of their business and want to identify the location and distribution of key Origins segments, identified through Origins analysis of their customer or employee base.  Applications may include:

  • Mapping of key Origins segments
  • Sales area analysis
  • Catchment area research for banks and other retailers
  • Differential marketing or pricing by geography

Origins Geographical Data simply slots into existing GIS and mapping systems as another data set.

What needs to happen?

We both

  • Execute a mutual Non-disclosure Agreement to protect your data and ours
  • Agree the details for licensing Origins Geographical Data
  • Define scope of use, specification of requirements, and price.


Prepare the data table according to your specifications.

What are the deliverables?

A data file in your preferred format comprising a matrix of geographical units (eg SA1, Postcode or Suburb) by the 260 Origins CELs (or any agreed aggregation).

How much does it cost?

Pricing for a customised Origins Geographical Table derived from the Origins base file is quoted on a case-by-case basis to suit your requirements.

As with Origins Software and Data Licensing, pricing for licensed use of Origins Geographical Data is determined by Value, Scope, Range and Length of Licence.  An additional consideration is whether you are also a licensee of Origins Software & Data, or Origins Appended Data.

However, indicatively, annual licence fees start at A$5,000 plus GST, and range upwards to A$25,000 plus GST, per annum for Australia’s largest organisations.