Organisations committed to monitoring the role of cultural diversity in their business need unrestricted access to the Origins capability.

In-house Origins for Descriptive and Predictive Analysis, and Operational Deployment

What is it?

Origins Software and Data Licensing provides you with the right to use OriginsInfo’s coding software and data for the purposes you require within your business.

Who is it for?

Organisations owning large databases of customers, prospects or employees, that recognise the opportunity, or obligation, to improve their engagement with multicultural markets.

Such organisations will have their own in-house capability for analysis and will recognise the need and benefit of flexibility in how, what, and when they conduct analysis and deploy results.

Some organisations will need realtime coding to support effective deployment of predictive models or other operational requirements.  Others will need ongoing ‘snapshot’ monitoring of how their engagement with multicultural Australia is changing

What needs to happen?

We both

  • Discuss to ensure this is the right solution to meet your business needs. This may involve a proof of concept.
  • Agree a Licence Agreement that defines the specifications to meet your needs and protect our mutual interests.
  • Define scope, specification of requirements and price.


  • Check with your IT team regarding whitelisting the URLs for our automated software updating service or our Sydney-based server.
  • Identify internal resources to support a) a PC-based software installation for desktop processing, and/or b) development of an API to connect with our Sydney-based server, with technical support where required from OriginsInfo developers.


  • Facilitate delivery of software and licence keys.
  • Deliver user training to get you up and running.

What are the deliverables?

  • Software to meet your requirements of PC-based desktop processing, and/or an access key to support realtime or batch processing using our Sydney-based server.
  • Output data providing a range of Origins enhancements appended to your input records.
  • Origins base profiles of Australia’s key markets. These include a National Origins profile, and profiles of States and Territories, and the key urban markets of Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide and Perth.
  • A look-up table referencing the 260 Origins CEL codes, the 25-level standard Origins Types classification, and any agreed further aggregation to suit your needs.
  • Unlimited business hours technical and account management support.
  • Training in the uses and applications of Origins data.
  • Free access to all updated versions of software and data.

How much does it cost?

Pricing is determined by a combination of:

  • Value – as measured by the number of customers (depth), and the range of products, services and touchpoints (breadth);
  • Scope – use as a research/insight tool vs unrestricted use including deployment in business operations;
  • Range – use across divisions or affiliates within large companies;
  • Length of Licence – three-year commitments attract the best annual fee. Shorter term licences can be negotiated.

Indicatively, annual licence fees start at A$17,500 plus GST, per annum for small organisations, and range upwards of A$50,000 plus GST, per annum for Australia’s largest businesses.