Where is Multicultural Marketing Heading in 2016?

Posted by Michael Dove on 16 January 2016

123rf247114s First some facts: Australian census data indicates that less than half of Australia’s population was born in Australia with both parents also having been born in Australia. Origins data, providing a more refined perspective, shows a third of Australia’s adult population bearing names revealing a background other than Anglo-Celtic (CALD1). In the US, by 2020,...

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What's in a Name? Sikh Names and Where to Find Them

Posted by Michael Dove on 16 January 2016

123rf21810505s Sikhs form one of the largest and fastest growing subgroups of Indian Australians with 72,296 identifying with Sikhism in the 2011 census – a growth of 273% over the 2006 figure.1 Origins data indicates an adult Sikh population of 58,532. Most Sikhs originate in the Punjab region which straddles India and Pakistan. Unlike other religions of...

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Racial Profiling at Woolworths?

Posted by Michael Dove on 16 January 2016

123rf35066623s The term ‘Racial Profiling’ has negative connotations because of its association with inappropriate policing often amounting, at best, to harassment and, at worst unlawful killing. Dictionary definitions of Racial Profiling tend to take either a narrow or a broad perspective. Under the narrow definition, racial profiling occurs when a police officer stops, questions, arrests, and/or searches someone...

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Resumes, Recruitment and Racism

Posted by Michael Dove on 23 December 2015

123rf12347507s It is often said that first impressions count. When we prepare for interviews or meeting new people, many of us prepare by dressing, grooming and presenting in a way that we think will help our cause. We take care with the way we talk and our body language, so as not put ourselves at...

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Lost in Translation: Honda Jazz not Fitta

Posted by Amanda Searle on 17 December 2015

honda logo The business case for undertaking thorough cultural analysis when marketing to particular cultural segments cannot be overstated. While this blog series of ‘Lost in Translation’ bloopers may bring a smile to your face, I’m sure it is not the case for the Marketing Executives and General Managers caught up in these damaging and costly blunders –...

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First There was IQ, Then EQ. Now we Have CQ

Posted by Michael Dove on 25 September 2015

Collage small It is no longer sufficient for us to be merely outstanding on the traditional measures of literary, computational and conceptual intelligence. And while high emotional intelligence goes a long way to promote the importance of communication, empathy and customer-centricity, there is another important dimension. With the globalisation of organisations, products and services, readily accessible international travel and burgeoning...

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What's in a Name? Like Bob and Dylan, Times They are a-Changin'

Posted by Amanda Searle on 23 September 2015

123rf14147854s cropped The looming AFL Grand Final prompted us to investigate naming trends of players over the past century.   Many AFL surnames feature consistently throughout the history of the game, often reflecting members of the same extended family. The name Merrett is one example, spanning the AFL landscape over five decades. Current Essendon Football Club players Jackson...

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Lost in Translation: Soft Drinks, Hard Lessons

Posted by Amanda Searle on 21 September 2015

Pepsilogocropped The 70s saw fierce competition for market share by the two major cola brands – Coca Cola and Pepsi Cola. The ‘Cola Wars’ ensued, consisting of massive advertising campaigns and expansion into emerging markets, such as Asia. Most of us recall the ‘blind taste test’ which was won by Pepsi. So how then did Pepsi...

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What's in a Name? Somali Naming Traditions

Posted by Michael Dove on 24 June 2015

123rf26829961s2 When Melbourne-based researcher, teacher, writer and poet Dr Yusef Sheikh Omar shunned traditional Somali naming traditions to name his newborn baby Amelia, his decision was met with intense disappointment and anger by the older members of the Somali-Australian community. They felt that it was a betrayal of their Somali and Muslim identity. Having extensively researched the...

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Lost in Translation - the Nissan Breakdown

Posted by Amanda Searle on 24 June 2015

nissan logo In an attempt to increase penetration rates amongst persons of South Asian origin in Canada, Nissan Canada recently executed an advertising campaign using ‘Hinglish’, a mixture of Indian and English languages. It was designed to speak to South Asian Canadians in a friendly voice. However, it may not have been received by its South Asian...

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