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What's in a Name? Greek Name Traditions

Posted by Anne Macindoe on 22 June 2014

123rf21457172s Population mapping builds an accurate picture of cultural density based on location. This tool works hand in glove with name analysis to show how immersed people are in their community. Naming traditions, such as those popular with Greek Australians, provide this insight. Greek naming tradition has ancient cultural origins. Some location and occupation-based names occur, but...

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Food and Migration

Posted by Anne Macindoe on 22 June 2014

123rf22400855s Australia is a migrant nation. Like many countries, its agriculture depends largely on migrant workers. Uniquely, many have resettled in Australia, forging communities that brought with them culture, tradition and unique cuisine. Nothing follows the Australian story in quite the same way as our food history. That began with the British colony that established fledgling farmlets...

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