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The 2014 Commonwealth Games

Posted by Michael Dove on 10 August 2014

123rf5979300s The Commonwealth Games is an event that celebrates cultural diversity. Drawing together many nations under the one Commonwealth umbrella, the event attracts participation by people of many different backgrounds and cultures. As one of the most multicultural societies in the world, how diverse was the Australian Commonwealth Games team? And how does that compare with other...

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What's in a Name? Balinese Naming Traditions

Posted by Anne Macindoe on 7 August 2014

123rf12444863s editorial only Balinese Name Traditions The Indonesian island of Bali is famous for its culture. Among other qualities, its inhabitants are renowned for traditional dance, Hindu spiritualism and shadow puppetry. Balinese people also have a truly unique name convention. It is a tradition that visitors quickly notice, because so many locals share the same given names. One in Four New...

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Cultural Segmentation - See Your Customers Differently

Posted by Anne Macindoe on 6 August 2014

Collage small size2   Market segmentation is a fundamental step in any communication initiative. Without accurate segmentation, very little audience messaging can be successful. Census data and mapping like Social Atlas go some way towards building a population data framework. The Origins tool goes further, to accurately group data in the cultural contexts that determine communication value to culturally diverse customer...

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