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Too Much of the Same Thing?

Posted by Anne Macindoe on 11 September 2014

123rf8235760s Sales and Profit. Revenue and Growth. Income and Overheads. All too familiar business terminology. At this time of year, when teams in nearly every organisation are furiously planning a growth-fuelled future, how many will count on the one secret weapon with proven returns? A culturally diverse workforce expands thinking, strengthens your team and has a direct...

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What's in a Name? Name Traditions of Scotland

Posted by Anne Macindoe on 11 September 2014

123rf22359005s Scottish naming traditions date back centuries. Since the Kingdom of Scotland was formed in the 9th century, Scots have been largely known by location, occupation and clan. Name patterns began to emerge clearly as the clan system broke down from 1700s and was firmly entrenched 100 years later. This type of history is one reason...

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