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Challenging the Culture of Acquisition vs Retention

Posted by Anne Macindoe on 10 December 2014

131125.acquisition Depending on which ‘expert’ you believe, the cost of acquiring a new customer can be four, six, ten times or more the cost of looking after the customers you’ve got. Whatever the number, one conclusion can be drawn. It is dramatically more expensive to recruit new prospects and convert them into buyers than it is...

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Christmas in Japan

Posted by Anne Macindoe on 9 December 2014

123rf32913116m The spiritual culture of Japan centres on Shintoism and Buddhism. Less than 1% of the population describe themselves as Christian. Yet Japanese Christmas tradition is well established. Various customs have been borrowed from the West, others have commercial origins and some are quite unique to Japan. Visually, Christmas customs in Japan can be hard to distinguish from...

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What's in a Name? Name Traditions of Africa

Posted by Anne Macindoe on 9 December 2014

79948116 The colossal continent of Africa is home to a vast diversity of cultures, languages and traditions.  A name is more than a moniker.  It has essence and meaning closely associated with the individual.  Most African people will introduce themselves not only by their name, but by its context and meaning, with which their personal identity...

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