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What's in a Name? Irish Naming Conventions

Posted by Michael Dove on 20 March 2015

123rf11789540s A man's surname generally takes the form O (originally "grandson") or Mac ("son", often abbreviated to Mc) followed by the ancestor’s given name, as in O’Donald (grandson of Dónall or Donald) or MacNamara ("son of Conmara"). The female equivalent was traditionally Ni and Nic respectively although in most cases, the male form has been adopted. Penal...

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Easter - Different Time, Different Place

Posted by Amanda Searle on 18 March 2015

123rf8874759s.jpg For many of us in Australia we look forward to Easter for the four-day holiday and the chocolatey goodness of Easter eggs. For others the Easter period is a deeply religious celebration of the life of Jesus, the mourning of his death and the joy of his resurrection. And for others the celebration will be a...

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Lost in Translation - Gerber Happy Baby

Posted by Amanda Searle on 18 March 2015

gerber-baby.jpg Most marketers and business managers agree – segmenting by culture and developing appropriate marketing messages that resonate with specific cultural communities will increase penetration rates in emerging market segments. This does not mean that you can simply translate the messages into another language, and use an image of a person from the targeted culture. Effective cross-cultural communication...

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