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Resumes, Recruitment and Racism

Posted by Michael Dove on 23 December 2015

123rf12347507s It is often said that first impressions count. When we prepare for interviews or meeting new people, many of us prepare by dressing, grooming and presenting in a way that we think will help our cause. We take care with the way we talk and our body language, so as not put ourselves at...

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Lost in Translation: Honda Jazz not Fitta

Posted by Amanda Searle on 17 December 2015

honda logo The business case for undertaking thorough cultural analysis when marketing to particular cultural segments cannot be overstated. While this blog series of ‘Lost in Translation’ bloopers may bring a smile to your face, I’m sure it is not the case for the Marketing Executives and General Managers caught up in these damaging and costly blunders –...

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