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What's in a Name? Like Bob and Dylan, Times They are a-Changin'

Posted by Amanda Searle on 23 September 2015

123rf14147854s cropped The looming AFL Grand Final prompted us to investigate naming trends of players over the past century.   Many AFL surnames feature consistently throughout the history of the game, often reflecting members of the same extended family. The name Merrett is one example, spanning the AFL landscape over five decades. Current Essendon Football Club players Jackson...

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Easter - Different Time, Different Place

Posted by Amanda Searle on 18 March 2015

123rf8874759s.jpg For many of us in Australia we look forward to Easter for the four-day holiday and the chocolatey goodness of Easter eggs. For others the Easter period is a deeply religious celebration of the life of Jesus, the mourning of his death and the joy of his resurrection. And for others the celebration will be a...

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Christmas in Japan

Posted by Anne Macindoe on 9 December 2014

123rf32913116m The spiritual culture of Japan centres on Shintoism and Buddhism. Less than 1% of the population describe themselves as Christian. Yet Japanese Christmas tradition is well established. Various customs have been borrowed from the West, others have commercial origins and some are quite unique to Japan. Visually, Christmas customs in Japan can be hard to distinguish from...

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The 2014 Commonwealth Games

Posted by Michael Dove on 10 August 2014

123rf5979300s The Commonwealth Games is an event that celebrates cultural diversity. Drawing together many nations under the one Commonwealth umbrella, the event attracts participation by people of many different backgrounds and cultures. As one of the most multicultural societies in the world, how diverse was the Australian Commonwealth Games team? And how does that compare with other...

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Our Sporting Multi-Culture

Posted by Anne Macindoe on 5 April 2014

123rf22540891s   *Howzat for Cricket?* One of Australia’s most popular sports, Cricket can certainly draw a crowd.  The Boxing Day test consistently achieves sell-out status at the immense MCG arena.  While other sports enjoy an annual day in the sun too, Australian cricket is unique in its level of interest, match attendance and sport participation.  That’s interesting because shifting...

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A Cultural Melting Pot Called Easter

Posted by Anne Macindoe on 5 April 2014

123rf12931600s Multicultural Australia is about to embrace the humble egg.  Depending on cultural origin, boiled, painted, chocolate and, even bejewelled eggs are the order of the day.  It is, of course, the Christian Easter festival. Heralded by Shrove Tuesday is 40 days of prayer, fasting and self-denial.  This time of year on the Christian calendar is actually...

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Christmas Around the World

Posted by Anne Macindoe on 16 December 2013

123rf 16431798s The Christmas Kaleidoscope Australia is becoming increasingly culturally diverse. December has arrived and, with it, the festive tunes, tastes and tradition of Christmas. So, what is the place for this distinctive celebration in a contemporary multicultural nation?   The fact is, much of what we know today as Christmas tradition is rooted elsewhere. The midwinter practice of bringing...

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