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The latest edition of OriginsInsight puts the spotlight on Australia’s business leaders and the extent to which they reflect the multicultural population of Australia.  Pioneering research conducted by Diversity Council Australia has placed cultural diversity firmly alongside gender diversity as two of the key performance indicators of the health of Australia’s leading businesses.

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Events and News

OriginsInfo was invited to attend the launch of Diversity Council Australia’s launch of a landmark research publication, “Capitalising on Culture” in October. Attendees included senior representatives from the major partners and sponsors – PricewaterhouseCoopers, IBM, and the Australian Government.

Many of Australia’s largest corporate entities and government departments were present at the launch. Ellen Fanning, investigative journalist with ABC and SBS credentials, facilitated both the presentation and the panel discussion that included contributions from Dr Tim Soutphommasane, the Race Discrimination Commissioner at the Australian Human Rights Commission, and Peter Khalil, Director of Strategy and Communications at SBS.

There was a clear message that the time was right to broaden the diversity and inclusion agenda beyond gender to ensure that Australia’s leadership voices reflect the diversity of the stakeholders they represent. Whilst it was not thought appropriate for organisations to set quotas, it was clear that the time is right to set benchmarks and targets against which progress can be tracked towards more inclusive and representative workforces and leadership teams.

Analysis by OriginsInfo provided a snapshot of the current extent of multicultural representation at the most senior levels of ASX 200 companies. DCA believes that a culturally diverse workforce, especially at leadership level, is a pre-requisite for companies of the future who seek to

  • Maximise Innovation
  • Boost Market Share
  • Create Strategic Alliances
  • Differentiate their Brand
  • Meet Critical Talent Shortages

Only when corporate leadership teams reflect Australia’s cultural demography will progress towards these objectives drive improved financial performance.

OriginsInfo was proud to be associated with this ground-breaking research and looks forward to helping Australia’s leading companies track their progress towards more inclusive and diverse workforces – if for no other reason than it makes perfect sense for positive business outcomes.
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With Christmas just around the corner, we explore the different ways Christmas is celebrated in multicultural Australia.

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Ways of Using Origins

This newsletter item spotlights different ways of using Origins to help you fully leverage insight from your investment.
Following on from the DCA research, employee profiling is emerging as an important new area of application for licence and consulting clients alike.
Your employees can be profiled to establish how representative they are of the market your business serves. Your data can be sliced to focus on different functional groups, different levels of influence and power, or to assess how different regional or geographical groupings reflect the markets from which your talent poll is sourced.

Apart from the DCA project, OriginsInfo has conducted research in the health and leisure sectors, assessing how well those workforces reflect the demography of the local markets. Look out for future reporting of work conducted in this important area of research.

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Updates on the Product

Watch this space! We anticipate exciting announcements early in the New Year about the development of the Origins product to meet a growing range of needs.

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Hints & Tips - Making the Most of Origins

Several clients are now using Origins Scripting to automate the processing of appending customer data with origins codes. In conjunction with the use of automated scheduling, these clients are ensuring that their data is processed monthly, giving the most up-to-date coding and coverage from the latest version of Origins. 

Apart from improved process efficiency, analyst time is released allowing more time to be spent on deeper analysis with Origins, campaign implementation and evaluation.

Using Microsoft PowerShell, any user with access to simple scripting skills and administrator privileges can be set up in less than thirty minutes.

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