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AFL - Many Cultures, One Game

The AFL has for some time implemented programs and initiatives to increase cultural diversity amongst its ranks. With the AFL’s next Multicultural Round scheduled for early August, we examine just how diverse are AFL players, and whether the AFL’s concerted efforts to increase participation have been successful.

Read more in our in-depth analysis in this OriginsInsight article.


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Census 2016 - It's On!

The federal government’s decision to confirm that the 2016 census would proceed as planned is a great relief to the many stakeholders who rely on the range of data it provides.  As a result, the Australian Census will continue to be one of the world’s most comprehensive, with a long list of person and dwelling topics.

The continued ability to analyse patterns and trends, particularly for small areas, will be welcomed by all who seek efficiency and effectiveness in targeting resource allocation.  Important nuances found in detailed categories, such as data about cultural background, will continue to provide public sector, not-for-profits and commercial organisations with the tools they need to optimise planning and assessment of needs and opportunities.

OriginsInfo welcomes the decision and supports the view that the proposed alternative of sample surveys would not deliver reliable detail in content, or support small area reporting and mapping.  The census is an important complement to Origins data and both play a vital role in understanding and engaging with multicultural Australia.  

While the census provides a detailed summary of area-based demography, Origins provides a unique way of measuring the cultural composition of lists of customers and employees based on individual-level data.  Contact us for an obligation-free discussion about how Origins can work for you.

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Privacy Update - Origins Data is Privacy Compliant

In April, the Office of the Australian Information Commissioner (OAIC) issued updates to the Australian Privacy Principle (APP) guidelines. Four chapters have been amended and the main changes can be summarised as:

  • Provision of relevant guidance to CT public sector agencies
  • Clarification of the test about whether an organisation ‘carries on business in Australia’ and a test of whether an APP entity has an ‘Australian Link’
  • Clarification regarding ‘use’ and ‘breach’ particularly in relation to provision of personal information to an overseas contractor
  • Further guidance on ‘reasonable steps’ for securing personal information

The good news is that Origins continues to be compliant with the requirements of the Privacy Act.  

Most importantly, Origins data does not constitute ‘sensitive information’ within the meaning of the Act.  

Paragraph B.139 states that many names may be associated with a particular racial or ethnic origin, but that alone does not constitute sensitive information that indicates the racial or ethnic origin of an individual with that surname. See Paragraph B.139

Neither does Origins data, on its own, constitute Personal Information within the meaning of the Act.  This has been confirmed through legal advice, dialogue with the OAIC and is an interpretation supported by ADMA.

This means there are no barriers to the responsible use of Origins data for the purposes of research or engagement with individuals.  In this way, Origins data shares a similar status to gender, address, geographical location and geodemographic or behavioural segmentation systems.

See the updated guidelines

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Capitalising on Culture Over Time

Building on its Capitalising on Culture joint research with Diversity Council Australia (DCA) in 2013, OriginsInfo recently partnered with DCA and Deakin University to produce the Capitalising on Culture Over Time report.

In a positive move, the research showed increasing cultural diversity in board members over the time period of 2004-2013. There was a 22% increase in culturally diverse (non Anglo-Celtic) directors and a 16% increase in culturally diverse chairs. When analysing representation of people from Asian backgrounds there has been an increase of 74% of chairs and 61% of directors.

However there is still some way to go when the results are compared with the wider Australian community and when size of company is considered. 

Progress towards better representation is most noticeable in the medium to small ASX listed companies (ASX100-500). These include many overseas businesses (often associated with mining) whose leadership team members are often sourced and are resident overseas, but their company chooses to list on the ASX.

The largest companies (ASX100) show the slowest progress over the period of observation, still leaving them well short of reflecting Australia's cultural diversity, as highlighted in the ground-breaking 2013 DCA research. 

The research concludes that lack of diversity in the boardroom continues to expose a lost opportunity to capitalise on under-represented talent. The growing pool of multicultural talent was highlighted in OriginsInfo's recent research showing that HSC students from CALD backgrounds out-perform their Anglo-Celtic counterparts. All of which gives organisations a good reason to look more closely at future appointments and give more attention to nurturing diverse talent along path to leadership.

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News and Events

Australian Multicultural Marketing Awards

Multicultural NSW is seeking nominations for its Australian Multicultural Marketing Awards. The awards recognise marketing that promotes the value of multicultural communications, recognises diversity as one of the major strengths or our nation and promotes an equitable representation of our cultural diversity in marketing communications. Nominations close in July 2015 and winners will be announced at a gala presentation on 12th October 2015.

More information

The Lord Mayor’s Multicultural Awards and Business Dinner

Nominations are open for Brisbane City Council’s Lord Mayor’s Multicultural Awards for Business to recognise the contribution Multicultural businesses and leaders make to the community. Closing on the 28th August, award winners will be announced at the 2015 Lord Mayor’s Multicultural Business Dinner on Friday 6th November at City Hall.

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Diversity Council Australia (DCA) Events

DCA is hosting a suite of events that encourage diversity in the workplace. Some of the standout events in the coming months include Diversity Leadership Program on the 26th August in Melbourne and the DCA Research Launch event on the 15th September in Sydney.

More information


ADMA Events

ADMA is hosting three events aimed at marketers, analysts, advertisers and creatives on the 4th – 6th August in Sydney.

The ADMA Global Forum is a two-day conference on the 4th-5th August and features speakers from all over the world that are leaders in data-driven marketing, advertising and media.

The Advancing Analytics IAPA National Conference is on the 4th August and features speakers who are global leaders in driving business through data and analytics.

Creative Fuel is a one-day event featuring some of the world’s leading creative minds as guest speakers.

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2015 Advancing Community Cohesion Conference

Hosted by the University of Western Sydney (UWS) from the 15-17 July the conference will examine international best practice for negotiating national and local issues regarding social cohesion.

Featuring high profile speakers including Governor-General of Australia the Honourable Sir Peter Cosgrove, Australian Race Discrimination Commissioner Dr Tim Soutphommasane, and Minister for Social Services the Honourable Scott Morrison MP, the event will bring together politicians, senior public servants, academics and community sector leaders and practitioners.

More information

ADMA Global Forum


Lost in Translation – The Nissan Breakdown

Nissan Canada recently executed an advertising campaign featuring ‘Hinglish’. Whilst its intentions were honourable, the campaign experienced a communication breakdown and may not have been the great success it had hoped.

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What’s in a Name? Somali Naming Traditions

As emphasised by the naming of Her Royal Highness Princess Charlotte Elizabeth Diana of Cambridge, selecting names is steeped in tradition. Somali names are often chosen after environmental or circumstantial events. And as one Somali-Australian discovered, breaking with tradition is not well received by older members of the community.

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