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OriginsInsight - Pushing the Boundaries

Australians are in the final throes of supporting our cricket team in the 2015 World Cup. Our most popular national sport appeals to Australians of all cultural backgrounds and from all parts of the country. So how well does the Australian cricket team represent the multicultural mix of its supporters and spectators?

Cricket Australia has for some time actively encouraged participation in the sport by diverse cultural groups and encouraged inclusiveness. How successful have these programs been? Have they succeeded in creating a more diverse Australian cricket team? We conducted an in-depth analysis of our elite cricketers to find the answers to these questions, and more, the results of which are published in this month’s OriginsInsight. Read more

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OriginsInsight - Cultural Dimensions of High Performing Students in NSW

We recently provided an analysis of the latest HSC graduates in NSW to Fairfax Media (The Sydney Morning Herald/Sun-Herald) to determine the cultural dimensions of students reaching the Honour Roll – that is a student who reaches a score of 90 or more in any subject.

The results were clear. Students from an Anglo-Saxon background are strikingly under-represented. Students from an Asian background are massively over-represented, with students from a Chinese Mandarin background being 6.2 times more likely to achieve Honour Roll status than their Anglo-Saxon peers.

When we delved deeper to analyse individual study areas, the results were even more striking. When comparing the backgrounds of students on the Honour Roll of the top 13 study areas, we found a huge over-representation of students of Asian backgrounds in Mathematics Extension 2, Chemistry and Mathematics Extension 1. Students of Chinese Mandarin background are a whopping 60 times more likely to reach honours standard in Mathematics Extension 2 compared with a student with a name originating from England. For more startling results read more.


News and Events

Cultural Diversity Week – 14-22 March

Presented by the Victorian Multicultural Commission, hundreds of events were held last week to celebrate Cultural Diversity Week. Coinciding with the United Nations’ International Day for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination on 21st March, the celebrations provided an opportunity for our multicultural community to celebrate harmony and to promote mutual respect and understanding.

More information

cultural diversity week

ADMA Data Day

To be held in Sydney on 24th March and Melbourne on 26th March, this event features high profile speakers on how today’s businesses use data to drive marketing initiatives and as a basis for informed decision-making. The overall goal of the program is to provide an understanding of data strategies, how to manage data, and how organisations can use data to stay ahead of the competition.

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Institute of Analytics Professionals of Australia (IAPA) National Conference

IAPA has announced that it will hold its 2015 National Conference in Sydney from the 3rd to the 7th August. More details will be revealed soon, but in the meantime keep your calendar free.

More information

adma data day

Graeme Hugo 5/12/1946 – 20/1/2015

We note with sadness the passing of Graeme Hugo in January.  Graeme was professor of geography at the University of Adelaide and a go-to person for detailed understanding of Australia’s population and migration trends, particularly with reference to the value added by the culturally diverse and refugee members of our society.  Along with a phenomenal list of published articles and books, he presented at more than a thousand conferences.

Graeme was the country’s leading adviser on demography and migration, being an expert representative on numerous State, Federal and international bodies.  He championed causes promoting cultural diversity and challenged the barriers that prevented their stronger economic integration.  In a recent report in which he was a key author, Graeme highlighted the plight of CALD and refugee youth arising from their lower rates of employment compared with their Australian-born peers.
Graeme Hugo

2016 Census in Doubt

The Federal Government recently announced that it is considering moving to a census every 10 years. It appears that the move has been initiated by the ABS which is promoting the greater value of smaller, more frequent and focused sample surveys.

If adopted, this will have a profound effect on Australian businesses and how they use data to make informed business and resource allocation decisions.

Watch this space for an update on the proposal and its implications, particularly for data related to cultural diversity.

Victorians Embrace Cultural Diversity but More Work Needed

VicHealth’s Victorians’ Attitudes to Race and Cultural Diversity research has revealed that 78% of Victorians are in favour of cultural diversity, yet 40% identified at least one cultural group that does not ‘fit into Australian society’.

VicHealth recently released its findings at a forum featuring representatives from a wide range of multicultural and associated organisations. The forum was entitled Leading and Embracing Diversity: Strategies to Reduce Race-based Discrimination, and was held in conjunction with the Municipal Association of Victoria (MAV). Also released at this forum was a summary report of MAV’s and VicHealth’s joint pilot program, Localities Embracing and Accepting Diversity (LEAD).  The LEAD program developed and tested solutions for reducing race-based discrimination and promoting cultural diversity in two Victorian municipalities – Greater Shepparton and the City of Whittlesea.

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Lost in Translation

This blog is the first in our Lost in Translation series which profiles examples of poorly researched cross-cultural communication strategies and the costs to the associated organisations. From Qantas to Electrolux, no organisation is immune to ‘marketing fails’ if cultural sensitivities and buyer behaviours are not thoroughly investigated and implemented. 

This first blog features Gerber baby foods and how it gave the impression to its African and French consumers that it was selling baby parts and vomit in a jar. Read more

Easter – Different Time, Different Place

Depending on which religion people belong to, Christians will celebrate Easter on different dates this year according to whether they align with Eastern or Western Christianity. And just what is the Orthodox way to celebrate Easter? Find out here.

What’s in a Name? Irish Names

Irish surname conventions have a long history, dating back to the ninth century. Generally patronymic, waves of settlement and colonisation have influenced Irish surnames, particularly the Normans, Vikings, Welsh and Cornish. In this blog we reveal the more common Irish names in Australia today, and where they are located. Read more

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