Issue 5: May 2013



The Islamic community in Australia and worldwide is large and growing.  With an estimated worldwide population of 1.8 billion people and a combined spending power estimated at US$2.1 trillion, it is a market well worth tapping into.  Yet relatively few companies do so well.

With Ramadan approaching, we guide you through the nuances of this loyal, young and savvy community and provide insights to help you successfully target the group and increase your brand penetration in our e-publication OriginsInsight.

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Diversity Council Australia: Capitalising on Culture

OriginsInfo is proud to be partnering with the Diversity Council Australia in its landmark Capitalising on Culture project exploring cultural diversity amongst senior executives in the ASX 200 companies.  The project will survey Australia’s largest listed companies to determine the extent to which they are building inter-cultural capability and sourcing the best local and global business leaders.

In today’s global economy, it is increasingly important for organisations to compete worldwide, accessing new international markets, business opportunities and skilled staff.  Previous research has already touched upon the economic benefits of a diverse organisation, revealing that diversity leads to improved performance and innovation and diverse teams are better able to solve complex problems and produce results which are measurably better.  The Capitalising on Culture project will provide information for organisations to make informed decisions about strategies that better reflect the local and global markets in which they operate or plan to in the future, and the customers they serve.

OriginsInfo is contributing to the project by analysing the cultural origin of senior executives in the ASX 200 companies to complement and broaden the survey results.  Watch this space for insight into results later in the year.

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Origins Web Mapping - Finalist in 2012 National Multicultural Marketing Awards

OriginsInfo is thrilled to have made the finals in the Commercial Small Business category of the prestigious National Multicultural Marketing Awards announced at the end of November 2012.  OriginsInfo was alongside some impressive brands including Commonwealth Bank, the AFL, SBS, and NSW Fire and Rescue and we are delighted with the achievement.

Ways of Using Origins

This regular newsletter item puts a spotlight on different ways of using Origins to help you leverage the insight and maximise value from your investment. 

We currently have two initiatives in progress where Origins data is being used in conjunction with other data sets to develop propensity scorecards.  In combination with customer behaviour data, census data, other segmentation tools and individual level Origins data, statistical models are being built to predict the likelihood of call centre customers belonging to particular segments.  Calls will then be channelled to customer service representatives who are best equipped to deliver an optimal customer experience.

Even in cases where the conversation is conducted in English, cultural connections will be established that capitalise on accent, tone, style and vocabulary – promoting a more positive and rewarding service centre experience for customers.

Watch this space for further information or to find out more.

Updates on the Product

Origins 6.6.13 is about to be released.  This is the first update for about a year and reflects further improvement in the data sets upon which the Origins solution is based, thereby extending coverage and improving accuracy.

By comparison with the previous version we have managed to increase the number of classified surnames from 2.358 million to 2.517 million, an increase of 6.75%.  About a half of this increase is accounted for by an increase in the number of Hungarian names.  The access to new files has given us:

  • Access to near universal files of names in Austria and Hungary
  • Lists of most common family names in Poland and the Czech Republic
  • Significant improvements in the coverage of names in the Baltic States, Slovakia and Belarus

The software is now more reliable in its ability to discriminate between:

  • Polish and German names
  • Polish and Czech names
  • Czech and Slovak names
  • Names from the former Czechoslovakia and the former Republic of Yugoslavia

We are now confident that in almost all cases we can correctly distinguish between these groups.

The extra data has allowed us to introduce Austria as an additional Origins type.  There is of course considerable overlap between Austrian and German names, and also between Austrian names and those of the German speaking South Tyrol, since 1919 a part of Italy.  The new Austrian category now combines with names from the South of Germany, particularly Bavaria.

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