Issue 6: September 2013


Election fever is reaching its climax as Australian voters decide whether to stick or twist.

The latest edition of OriginsInsight looks at the 1,717 candidates who are up for election and asks the question, “How well do they reflect the multicultural population of Australia?”

Furthermore, how does the picture change when we look at differences by House, State and political party?

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News and Events

OriginsInfo was invited to attend the launch of Mosaic 2013 in July.  Mosaic is a household-based consumer lifestyle segmentation system developed by Experian that classifies all Australian households into one of 49 unique segment Types and 13 broader Groups.  Based primarily on new data presented in the 2011 Australian census, and through linking with a range of data about consumer attitudes and behaviour, Mosaic Australia provides a comprehensive view of consumer preferences.  As Australia’s leading consumer classification, Mosaic paints a rich picture providing marketers with the most accurate and comprehensive view of customers, prospects and markets.

OriginsInfo was proud to contribute Origins data to the build process, adding critical and detailed information about the cultural origins of households and small areas.  As one of the major inputs into the clustering and one of the few actual, rather than modelled, variables, Origins was pivotal to the formation and definition of household-level segments. 

Analysis by Origins informed the development of pen portraits and added a depth and accuracy to written descriptions that was not possible from census data alone.  Experian’s public acknowledgement at the launch of the importance and value of Origins in the development of the segmentation was a ringing endorsement of the power of Origins to add considerable insight, even in cases where a wealth of transactional and behavioural data is available.


A Multicultural Marketing Lesson from Oprah

Recently Oprah visited a handbag shop and asked to see an expensive bag. The shop assistant, not recognising the famous face, suggested she might like to look at a less expensive bag. Based on outward appearances, the shop assistant made an assumption.

This incident demonstrates the traps organisations can fall into when attempting to segment their market without adequate information.

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Separating Church and Trait

When town planning was recently approved for a mosque to be built right next to a church in Melbourne suburb Coolaroo, the intrinsic value of faith within cultures was on full display.

Religion in Australia is shifting as society becomes more multicultural. Faith is so important in many cultures that it is a defining factor in the way that group lives day-to-day. It is becoming increasingly important for marketers to understand religions and associated values and beliefs in order to design marketing strategies that resonate with the desired target group.

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Cock Top of the Drops

Some commonplace historic surnames are in decline. As language has evolved, names such as Cock, Daft and Pigg are now seen as somewhat embarrassing and are on their way.

We reveal the top embarrassing names that are in decline. Is your surname on the endangered list?

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Ways of Using Origins

This regular newsletter item puts a spotlight on different ways of using Origins to help you leverage the insight and maximise value from your investment. 

Origins is currently being used to develop a customer segmentation solution at one of Australia’s leading consumer brands.  Based on a mix of internal behavioural data and a judicious selection of external data, including Origins, the client is developing a set of discrete segments to assist in developing a better understanding of customers so that their needs are met in the most appropriate way.  

In these early stages of development, Origins is already adding considerable predictive value to the models and the definition of the segments and explaining a good deal of the variation between them.

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Updates on the Product

Following hot on the heels of this year’s major update to 6.6.13, we have now recoded the 14.4m Australian base file.  This base file provides a critical component of the Origins product giving an Origins-coded market view of cultural diversity.  

Key outcomes from the updated coding include a further reduction in unknown names, better coverage and accuracy with names from Eastern Europe, and a 6.75% growth in the total number of family names embedded in the system.  

Origins base profiles for major Australian markets, including the national picture, and all the major cities and States, are now available in a minor release – version 6.6.14.

For further guidance please contact us.

Hints & Tips – Making the Most of Origins

Several clients are now using Origins Scripting to automate the processing of appending customer data with origins codes.  In conjunction with the use of automated scheduling, these clients are ensuring that their data is processed monthly, giving the most up-to-date coding and coverage from the latest version of Origins.  

Apart from improved process efficiency, analyst time is released allowing more time to be spent on deeper analysis with Origins, campaign implementation and evaluation.

Using Microsoft PowerShell, any user with access to simple scripting skills and administrator privileges can be set up in less than thirty minutes.

For further information about Origins Scripting, please contact us.

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