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Why Origins?

Australia is one of the most culturally diverse countries in the world, and its diversity is growing and changing constantly. Whether for commercial or public sector organisations, it is increasingly important that they know and understand their cultural segments and to tailor business strategies and communications accordingly. 

The challenge for many organisations is that they do not have cultural information on their customers, or that the information they do have is unreliable or incomplete. Origins allows marketers and managers to identify cultural and linguistic dimensions of customers, clients, prospects and employees at the individual level.  This is not possible with census data and is costly and inefficient through other means.

Census data offers a valuable resource, especially for larger areas of geography.  However, its usefulness is limited by the high non-response rates relating to cultural questions on the census and confidentiality rules that require small numbers to be randomised at small area level. These factors often result in distinct cultural groups being concealed or misrepresented, especially at low levels of geography. 

The OriginsInfo solution is most valuable to organisations where cultural origin is a feature of customer behaviour, or where it’s an important dimension of customer segmentation, marketing, decision making or customer service.

  • Origins helps you understand cultural market segments

  • Origins analyses the cultural dimensions at the individual level

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