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Targeting Customers

Individual Targeting

The Origins tool codes individual customers. You may want to target campaigns to members of specific cultural communities to improve awareness and take up of public services, such as health screening or education courses. Or you may want to target products, such as cosmetics, food, financial services, media channels or travel to audiences for whom they have been developed. Used appropriately, the codes can even be used as a pre-screening indicator to flag likelihood of fraud or criminal activity.

Geographical Targeting

Origins has been applied to a national file of Australian adults. This resource is used to create a profile of the cultural mix of any geographical area in Australia, right down to the Mesh Block – a unit of geography containing 30-60 households and developed by the Australian Bureau of Statistics. Customised base areas can be developed that best fit your preferred trade area definition such as:

  • Catchments for retailers and banks
  • Health regions
  • Sales territories
  • Local government areas
  • Any other nominated geography

You can identify locations, right down to street level, where individual cultural communities are most concentrated. This may support targeted doorknocking or letterbox drops, area-based communications, or suggest potential locations for retail outlets or community facilities.

Origins data can be mapped to show the distribution of cultural communities. Areas of high or low concentration are highlighted in an easy-to-use web mapping application that displays areas below the normal level for census output. This allows organisations to visualise detailed locations of cultural concentration to support marketing and business decisions. An example of this follows:

Inner Sydney – Highest concentration of Selected Communities


Melbourne – Highest concentration of Selected Communities around Clayton


  • Facilitates targeted campaigns to cultural communities

  • Facilitates targeted campaigns to geographical areas with particular cultural concentrations right down to street level


  • Mapping helps you easily visualise areas of cultural concentration

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