Here we have curated a range of resources to promote awareness of OriginsInfo’s product and, more generally, cultural diversity in Australia.

How Name Analysis Helps Us Understand and Engage with Multicultural Australia

The resources in Australia’s Cultural Diversity include insights from the latest census and some reasons why market opportunities relating to cultural diversity are looming increasingly large in Australian boardrooms.

Love maps?  In Origins CALD Communities, we share a collection of maps based on the Origins data, revealing where many of Australia’s culturally-diverse communities can be found.

We include an interesting search tool to reveal what our Origins-coded base file can tell you about where you live.  Please give Know Your Neighbourhood a try.

In OriginsInsight, we present a collection of papers reflecting our research into cultural diversity using name analysis, and in Research & Conference Papers, we have compiled a set of academic papers underpinning the validity of using names as a measurement and analysis tool.

People interested in why businesses use Origins can head towards the Business Benefits or Use Cases sections, while others may find the content of recent and past blogs to be of interest.  See our Blog and consider signing up to receive occasional items relating to Australia’s cultural diversity.