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OriginsInfo offers a unique market segmentation service for Australia. By combining data, technology and services, OriginsInfo provides detailed insight into the cultural origins of your customers and the markets you serve, giving you the power to better target your marketing, and make informed business decisions.

The Origins tool provides accurate and reliable information about the cultural origin and gender of your customers, as well as identifying cultural segments that are over or under-represented in your customer base. This insight enables you to communicate with your existing customers in an appealing, culturally appropriate manner, as well as target potentially new or untapped markets.

OriginsInfo: Finalist 2012 National Multicultural Marketing Awards

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  • Why Origins?

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    Understanding the cultural mix of your customers is essential to ensure targeted business and marketing strategies. OriginsInfo offers a simple and cost-effective way to gain cultural understanding.

  • OriginsInsight


    With the approach of the Australian Open, we examine whether Tennis Australia is achieving its stated goal of encouraging people of all backgrounds. Is its diversity reflective of the broader Australian population?

  • Effective Marketing

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    Read about how organisations have gained cultural insight using OriginsInfo


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OriginsInfocus Summer 2015-2016

Dec 2015

This issue features informative and thought provoking blogs on Where Marketing is Heading in 2016, Woolworths' Racial Profiling, What's in a Name - Sikh Names and Where to Find Them, Resum├ęs, Recruitment and Racism and Honda's Marketing Blooper, as well as news and events.

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  1. Tower Hamlets

    Origins helps Tower Hamlets PCT reduce inappropriate hospital attendance by 6%

  2. Sports Management

    Diversifying cultures involved with the AFL

  3. Mobile Telephony

    Product development and retail outlets based on cultural needs

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