Clients who are less steeped in day-to-day processing and analysis of data may find it more productive to out-source the processing and reporting of cultural segmentation.

Leveraging Our Capacity, Experience and Expertise

What is it?

You engage us to use your data to steer a path towards cultural diversity insight.

Who is it for?

This is the one to choose if you have no in-house capacity or resource to do the work yourself, or to take Origins codes in-house.

What needs to happen?

We both

  • Execute a mutual Non-disclosure Agreement to protect your data.
  • Agree scope, specification of requirements and price.


Prepare a data file (normally MsExcel, csv, tab or pipe-delimited) comprising:

  • A unique identifier. This allows you to link back to your data if ever you needed to do so.
  • A personal name (first or given).
  • A family name (surname).
  • A geographical indicator of usual residence eg a postcode or Suburb/State. This is optional, but when available, it activates the Enhanced Neighbourhood Insight feature to confirm and improve accuracy.
  • A range of behavioural indicators or other data, that you would like to see represented in the reports we produce.

Send your data, encrypted and password-protected, to OriginsInfo. Alternatively, we attend at your premises to process your file on-site and leave with de-personalised data.


  • Receive your data, assess its integrity, and format for processing.
  • Process your file and produce preliminary reports.
  • Share the preliminary reports with you and discuss the findings.
  • Fine-tune the presentation and packaging of reports in consultation with you.

What are the deliverables?

  • An Excel workbook containing a range of reports conforming to agreed specifications.
  • A PowerPoint presentation highlighting the key findings.
  • On-site or telephone discussions with you about the implications of the findings.
  • A further round of amendments to deliver a final set of reports.

How much does it cost?

Pricing is determined by a combination of:

  • Value – as measured by the number of customers or employees (depth), and the range of products, services and touchpoints (breadth);
  • Scope – number and complexity of reports;
  • Location – Cultural tagging at your place or ours;
  • Tagging – Your requirement for records to be tagged with Origins data;
  • Time – Time required to prepare and process data, and to prepare reports to meet your needs;
  • Results – Location and number of presentations of results.

Indicatively, consulting fees range between $12,500, plus GST, to $30,000 plus GST on a ‘per occasion’ basis.

Additional consulting, or consulting involving the use of ABS TableBuilder Pro resulting in customised census analysis and reporting incorporating such data, is priced according to specification of requirements.