Creating an Evidence-base of Cultural Insight

Given the extent of cultural diversity in Australia (see Australian Cultural Diversity), a ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach will deliver sub-optimal business outcomes.

Integration with the evolving mainstream Australian host culture (acculturation) varies by cultural segment.  This adds another dimension to population and household demographics, creating special challenges for those seeking to reach out to all segments of the Australian market.

Consider the following sample cases:

  • Many cultural segments live in households that differ in size from the national average, with some segments preferring apartments to houses with gardens. This affects demand for consumption of household-specific items.
  • Barriers to understanding complex product offers – in telecommunications and energy – do not help customers make the best choices.
  • While females are generally responsible for the majority of purchase decisions, in some cultures it is more common for males to play this role.
  • Travel, telephony, financial behaviour, energy, food (grocery and restaurants), cosmetics, fashion, music, and entertainment all have clear cultural dimensions to behaviour and preferences.

Culture-coding your customer file will help you measure the cultural diversity of your customers and understand how different segments engage with your organisation.

Knowing the cultural mix of customers allows you to identify under-represented or under-performing segments – enabling you to create strategies and efficient marketing campaigns to better engage with and manage right-size segments.

Using Origins, you will understand the cultural dimensions of:

  • Customer mix by segment, compared with the market
  • Product preference
  • Cost-to-serve
  • Recency, Frequency and Value
  • Churn propensity
  • Channel preference
  • Campaign response
  • Customer satisfaction

Quantified Origins insight, enables you to create reference points, set targets and monitor performance by cultural segment.  Depending on context, you will have the opportunity to grow sales or reduce costs, leading to more profit or improved customer management and service – even in realtime at customer touchpoints, if required.

Along with well-publicised market data on cultural diversity, Origins analysis provides evidence of current engagement to support the development of a business case for changing the way we engage with multicultural Australia.  Read more about the Business Benefits.