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Multicultural Marketing – Tailored communication and creative

Multicall Connexions

A small number of specialist multicultural agencies advise a range of companies about culturally-relevant marketing activities.  OriginsInfo’s preferred partner is Multicall Connexions which is expert across various dimensions of multicultural marketing – including strategic and creative development, media planning and placement, language services and translations, media and public relations, event sponsorship and community initiatives.  In addition, the Multicall Connexions free newsletter highlights the latest in multicultural marketing.

Multicall Connexions
Ground Level 256 Norton Street
Leichhardt NSW 2040 Australia
Tel: +61 2 8705 5600

Cultural Diversity Research and Resources

Diversity Council Australia

Diversity Council Australia is the only independent, not-for-profit workplace diversity advisor to business in Australia. We offer a unique knowledge bank of research, practice and expertise across diversity dimensions developed over more than 25 years of operation. In partnership with our members, our mission is to:

  • Lead debate on diversity in the public arena;
  • Develop and promote the latest diversity research, thinking and practice; and
  • Deliver innovative diversity practice resources and services to enable our members to drive business improvement.

DCA is at the forefront of the latest thinking and practice on cultural diversity and on building cultural capability in Australian business. For more information on DCA's ground-breaking Capitalising on Culture research exploring cultural diversity on Australia's boards , visit
DCA has over 200 members, many of which are Australia’s business diversity leaders and biggest employers. Regardless of whether an organisation is just commencing its diversity strategic planning or is well advanced and looking for new frontiers in diversity thinking, membership of DCA will provide many benefits. For more information about becoming a DCA member, visit



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